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MRI-Guided Therapeutic Treatments

MRI is transforming therapeutic options for previously hard-to-treat conditions. With our advanced MR technology and renowned expertise, we provide noninvasive outpatient therapies such as Focused Ultrasound to treat facet pain, bone metastasis, and essential tremor.

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Sperling Diagnostic Group

With the most advanced imaging technology available and the most sophisticated interpreters of MRI results, we’ll provide a clearer picture of your condition—faster, easier, and with less stress than anywhere else.

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Sperling Prostate Center

Sperling Prostate Center offers the world’s most advanced, least invasive detection and treatment of prostate cancer, BPH, and prostatitis, utilizing our proprietary system of 3T mpMRI and BlueLaser™ technology.

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advanced solutions for whole-patient care

The Sperling Medical Group in Florida and New York integrates patient-centered imaging and image-guided treatment for an unparalleled experience of care.

Using the most sophisticated technologies and intuitive approaches, we bring a broad range of advanced diagnostic capabilities to our patients in an atmosphere that is calm, compassionate, and supportive. We want every patient to leave our offices feeling confident and informed as they progress on their path to wellness, so we strive to provide them with every resource available on that path.

Our practices house most advanced 3T MRI imaging systems on the planet, and are among a small number of centers in America with this technology. It provides the highest possible image resolution and can be used in a variety of configurations to achieve customized screenings—from the most specific focal points to the entire body.

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New Practice & Website

We’re pleased to announce a new practice and website dedicated to Neuravive, a revolutionary, noninvasive treatment for Essential Tremor. Find out more »

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