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Prostate Cancer and BPH

The Sperling Prostate Center in Florida and New York City is a world leader in diagnostic and treatment systems for prostate cancer. Our patients enjoy unparalleled effectiveness and retain maximal quality of life with minimal side effects, low recurrence rates, and virtually no risk of incontinence or impotence.

Dr. Dan Sperling is a pioneer in the revolutionary focal laser ablation therapy for prostate cancer, a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure that eradicates tumors in a single one-hour treatment. Focal laser therapy also offers a painless, lasting therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.

We utilize the world’s most advanced 64-channel 3T MRI along with multiparametric software to create a vivid, 3D prostate map—a never-before-seen advancement in imaging. This technology allows us to perform more accurate biopsies with up to 80% fewer needles, as well as more accurately screening for prostatitis, CPPS, and monitoring patients on testosterone replacement therapy.

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Essential Tremor (ET)

The Sperling Medical Group offers a new, noninvasive therapy for this chronic neurological condition using MRI-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) technology. An ideal solution for when medication no longer works to control ET, this method uses 1,024 beams of ultrasound energy pinpointed on the nucleus of the thalamus (the part of the brain responsible for the tremor) to destroy the target area.

Courtesy of INSIGHTEC developer of Exablate Neuro

This groundbreaking new protocol is performed noninvasively inside the MRI bore and does not require surgical incisions, drilling, or insertion of probes.

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Bone Metastasis (“Bone Mets”)

The imaging and intervention experts at the Sperling Medical Group provide a state-of-the-art technology called ExAblate MRgFUS for the noninvasive treatment of pain resulting from bone mets. This fully integrated detection, mapping, delivery, and monitoring system destroys metastatic bone lesions and their nerves that cause pain by delivering focused ultrasound pulses directly to the source of the tumor.

Courtesy of INSIGHTEC, developer of Exablate

Most patients report greatly reduced or completely eradicated pain in a matter of one week or less.

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Facet Arthritis Back Pain

The Sperling Medical Group has harnessed the power of MRgFUS technology to deliver a noninvasive, radiation-free method of eliminating pain due to facet arthritis. This outpatient procedure deadens the nerve so it cannot transmit pain signals and requires no needles, steroids, probes or surgery. The procedure can be used for both cervical and lumbar facet pain and can even be employed on more than one facet joint in a single session.

Patients experience shorter recovery time than conventional therapies with minimal to no side effects

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