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Facet Pain

New MRgFUS Technology can Permanently Relieve Facet Pain

How New Technology Eliminates Facet Pain The first sonic boom was heard on October 14, 1947 when pilot Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. This feat opened new opportunities in aviation. Today, it seems like new technologies spring up daily, promising all kinds of exciting possibilities. This happens not only in communications, electronics, manufacturing – […] KEEP READING

Create Your Own Unique Program to Manage Essential Tremor

Your Personal Management Plan for Essential Tremor The Nobel Prize-winning scientist Konrad Lorenz was curious about evolution from childhood onward. He wrote, “In the course of evolution, it constantly happens that, independently of each other, two different forms of life take similar, parallel paths in adapting themselves to the same external circumstances.” For those who […] KEEP READING

Bone Mets Nutrition

Nutrition can help bone mets treatment by supporting bone health

Three Important Nutrition Tips for Bone Mets Patients For Stage IV cancer patients, the news that their cancer has metastasized (spread) to the bone can be extremely disheartening. The journey with metastatic cancer requires constant renewal of determination, courage and hope. Metastatic bone cancer, commonly called bone mets, can create new feelings of discouragement and […] KEEP READING

DTI MRI Imaging Detects Concussion Early

Almost two million people in the U.S. suffer a mild traumatic brain injury annually. In some cases, these are isolated accidental injuries. However, athletes in high risk contact sports like football and hockey may have repeat concussions over months or years. While the word “mild” suggests minor injury… CONTINUE

Neurological MRI

Finding Football-Related Brain Damage with MRI

Florida researchers report that over 40% of the retired NFL football players they studied had signs of brain damage. This sad and shocking statistic was the result of using diffusion-tensor MRI sequences, a specific “tuning” of magnetic resonance imaging that enhances… CONTINUE

Neurological MRI