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Facet Pain

Landmark clinical study shows MRgFUS effective for bone mets pain.

A Landmark Study on Palliation of Bone Mets PainWhen a primary cancer such as cancer of the breast, prostate or lung spreads to the bone (bone mets), treatment strategies become complex. In today’s world of oncology, better systemic chemotherapies can add months and even years to a patient’s life; in addition, local cancer control of […] KEEP READING

Understanding cartilage increases awareness of its importance.

What You Should Know About CartilageOne of the most fascinating components of the human body is cartilage, an incredibly versatile material. Trying to describe cartilage is like the six blind men who try to figure out what an elephant is: “The elephant is like a pillar,” said the man who touched his leg. “Oh no! […] KEEP READING

Essential tremor gets worse in stressful situations.

How Stress Makes Essential Tremor WorseEssential tremor (ET) is the most common form of uncontrollable rhythmic shaking, though it is sometimes misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. The involuntary trembling results from abnormal communication between certain areas of the brain (cerebellum, thalamus, and brain stem). It is estimated that 10 million Americans suffer from ET, though many […] KEEP READING

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Global Prostate Cancer Expert Supports AI for Prostate Cancer Imaging

From conferences to global summits and industry exhibitions, Dubai provides a dynamic business events offering, made up of global connectivity, state-of-the-art hotels and venues, first-class infrastructure and great hospitality. This is how one event site describes the merits of hosting an important international professional conference in the capital city of the emirate of Dubai. In […] CONTINUE

Artificial Intelligence: What’s Good for Breast Imaging is Good for Prostate Imaging

What do breast cancer (BCa) and prostate cancer (PCa) have in common? As it turns out, they share several characteristics: They are both the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. They are both related to sexuality and reproduction They are both subject to hormone-driven cancers that respond to drugs that affect hormone […] CONTINUE

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Complex Economic, Legal and Ethical Issues

No consideration of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) in medicine and healthcare would be complete without identifying the swirl of economic, legal and regulatory issues that surround it. The economics of medical AI In the broad field of healthcare, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) offer the enticing lure of a solid return on investment. Compared […] CONTINUE

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: French Expert Describes AI Benefits

What does the chest have to do with the brain? Aside from the role played by the brain in regulating life-sustaining involuntary breathing and heart rate, it doesn’t look like there’s much of a connection. However, French physician Philippe Grenier, a “respected expert in chest imaging and respiratory disease,” is enthusiastic about integrating Artificial Intelligence […] CONTINUE

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: Predicting Prostate Cancer Progression During Active Surveillance

“Despite increasing adoption of active surveillance (AS) for low-risk prostate cancer, AS discontinuation rates are high, investigators report.” This quote, from a September 2021 Renal & Urology News report, referred to a study of over 16,000 Canadian prostate cancer (PCa) patients who had been diagnosed with low risk disease from 2008-2014. 51% of these patients […] CONTINUE